For our office in Mozambique MoSagri  is looking for a


General manager moringa plantation and processing


In Mozambique,in the Nampula province, MoSagri has developed over the past 6 years on a concession of 1.000 hectares an organic certified moringa plantation. At present around 480 hectares have been planted. 

After harvesting, the moringa leaf production is being dried and grinded in our own installations. The finished products (dried leaves/tea and leafpowder) are mainly being exported in bulk to the European market. Next to the leaf production a large number of trees are grown for seed production. The moringa seeds are being exported.  After pressing, the moringa oil finds its way into the cosmetic and pharma industry.

MoSagri has the ambition to further expand both the leaf and seed production and adjust the drying capacity accordingly. It is also being studied whether other crops (such as sesame seeds and pulses) can also be grown successfully.

In order to manage the quantitative and qualitative growth, we are looking for an enterpreneurial person who can lead this process and wants to take on this challenge together with us.

Agronomic knowledge, farming experience, affinity with quality thinking in food processing and managerial experience are important qualities.

Africa experience and command of the Portuguese language are an advantage, but not a necessity.

The current management structure consists of a plantation manager (agronomist), a processing manager, a financial manager and an operational manager (agronomist). The total number of employees consists (in high season) of 170 FTEs. all with the Mozambican nationality.

The general manager will be heading the total operation and reports to a member of the supervisory board of the parent organization. The remuneration and employment conditions are in line with the market. There is a company home available. If you are interested in taking on this challenge, we invite you to apply and send us your C.V. and motivation.

For further information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can also send your written application (in English) to this email address.  


MoSagri Lda, Mozambique Sustainable agribusiness, is a producer, processor and distributor of 100% organic Moringa products, with a clear focus on sustainability and local embedding, based on the principles of Shared Value. For the local population moringa can play an important role in fighting malnutrition and providing health benefits and food security. MoSagri is aiming at developing an intregrated moringa value chain. MoSagri has a partnership with Foundation The Pearl of Mozambique. The foundation is focussing on education, nutrition and health. MoSagri is hosting it’s national and international customers and guests in the Villa Moringa Lodge in Lumbo. The mother company, MoSagri BV, established in 2011, is owned by four Dutch corporate shareholders; Cefetra, Koninklijke de Heus, BPH and Maropa, who each hold 25 percent of the shares.