MoSagri, Mozambique Sustainable agribusiness, is a producer, processor and distributor of 100% organic Moringa products and a corporation that is active in different segments of the agribusiness in Mozambique, based on the principles of Shared Value, with a clear focus on sustainability and local embedding.

The objective

The objective is to build a sophisticated agribusiness, focusing on efficient agricultural production, to be set up with a group of long-term orientated stakeholders, using advanced technologies and farming practices in order to produce high yielding crops and to sell the products to the domestic, regional and international markets.

Initially the focus is on establishing a successful moringa value chain.

The MoSagri businessmodel is a fully integrated model , from plantation via processing to marketing, thereby controlling all aspects of the moringa oleifera value chain.

Network organisation - Stakeholders

To successfully start and implement agricultural projects, not only in depth and broad agricultural knowledge and experience is needed, but also local expertise and a proper embedding in the local environment.

MoSagri works as a network organisation, whereby a group of multi disciplined, complementary stakeholders with a clear long-term orientated strategical ambition are working together. The stakeholder group is broad and does exist of public and private parties (PPP). 

Knowledge institutions like the Dutch Wageningen University and HAS University and Unilurio (Universidade Lurio) in Mozambique are actively involved in the R&D and capacity building around the different aspects and elements of the moringa value chain.

Stakeholders MoSagri


MoSagri Lda, a company established in 2011 and registered in Mozambique under NUIT 400302944, is fully owned for 25% each by four Dutch corporate shareholders; Cefetra, Koninklijke de Heus, BPH and Maropa.


Current Activities

MoSagri Lda currently exploits two moringa plantations in Mozambique. MoSagri Lda cultivates a 2 hectare experimental moringa plantation in Lumbo, in the district of Ilha de Mozambique and is developing a 1000 hectare moringa plantation in Naguema, in the district of Mossuril. Next to the plantations, MoSagri Lda also operates a moringa processing facility where we are producing and packing our own MoSagri moringa products.